Basura Bash

The Basura Bash is a volunteer driven annual event. Our mission is committed to increasing stewardship of the Clark Square neighborhood through:

• Mobilizing volunteers for our annual cleanup.
• Providing community education regarding general pollution and natural resource preservation.
• Building public/private partnerships for the betterment of our community’s environment.

Basura Bash is one of the largest single-day neighborhood cleanups in the Southside of Milwaukee. We’ve continued growing over the past 6 years both in the number of volunteers and in the blocks cleaned.

Our dedicated volunteers’ continued support and commitment to Basura Bash and keeping the Clark Square neighborhood clean, is a large part of our shared success.

Volunteers have five ways of participating:

• Register as an individual to participate in Basura Bash
• Register as part of a group to participate in Basura Bash
• Become a member of the Basura Bash Planning Committee
• Become a Sponsor or Partner of Basura Bash

Fun Facts about Basura Bash

Did you know these statistics about the trash being collected through the years?

The largest item collected: The bed of a Chevy pick-up truck.
The smallest item collected: Cigarette butts.
The most unusual item collected: A washing machine that appeared to be in working condition.
The most common item collected: Plastic shopping and grocery bags.
The most dangerous item collected: Syringes. Volunteers are asked to report all drug related paraphernalia to event coordinators via walkie-talkies so that they may be properly collected and disposed.

Basura Bash Slashes Trash!

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