The business district is surrounded by the city’s oldest neighborhoods of Walker Point and Clarke Square. The district is a commercial drive located on the 16th Street Avenue of the near south side. It embraces traditions, both old and new, in an ongoing effort to maintain the area’s vitality and spirit. The drive is home to variety of the traditional Mexican American restaurants and clothing shops. From vintage Latin clothing to gourmet Mexican cheeses, Cesar E. Chavez Drive offers an abundance of choices for those who want more than the traditional shopping experience. It is home to the region’s largest and most well known cultural super market, El Rey Foods. El Rey is also one of the largest producers and manufacturers of corn and flour tortillas. In the last 30 years the avenue has become the state’s largest Hispanic conclave destination point for cultural foods, clothing and products. Visit once or visit often, there’s always more to enjoy.

The Cesar E. Chavez Business Improvement District (BID) is led by a business consultant and BID manager, both who have been chosen recently by members of the board of directors. Their funding comes from local business participation tax. Both staff members are in charge of helping the businesses expand and improve the business district by leveraging additional resources that would help provide opportunities to leverage City of Milwaukee funding to fix and improve business facades. In addition, retain information and resources that will help present business owners increase financial capacity and grow into larger and stronger businesses. Provide support to market the entire avenue as a cultural destination point for food, clothing and services. The combination of these three directives will help to develop and improve the amount of new business attracted to the avenue, and would provide a notable positive increase of business to all current business owners.

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